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Send Files

Upload your customer banner or large file directly to us!




After placing your custom banner order, upload your large image file and design directly using the Dropbox link below!  When sending your file, be sure to include your customer name in the file name.

We can accept almost any format. Remember, resolution matters when printing large church banners. If your file is small and rasterized on your computer, it will not render well when enlarged. 

The best file or logo? The answer is a vector based file. Samples include .eps, .ai, or .psd.

Also, we have hundreds of typefaces, but we may not have yours. If your church banner design utilizes a rare, creative font, please upload it as well. That will save time during the production phase of your project.

Got the information you need? Then click inside the box below, and follow the arrow to upload your file.


If you still have questions, no worries! Please email customer service or just call us at 615.395.8024.
We're always here to help!