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Church Banner History

Church banners have a history literally rooted in scripture.  Jeremiah 11 proclaims…


“In that day the Root of Jesse will stand as a banner for the peoples; the nations will rally to him, and his resting place will be glorious… He will raise a banner for the nations and gather the exiles of Israel…  Isaiah 11:10-12 NIV


Although modern church banners often promote events and church activities, ancient church banners served as a visible reminder of who you were AND your allegiance. Banners often served as a rallying point in the Old Testament for the nation of Israel.


In Jeremiah 4:6 soldiers were prompted to “…raise a banner to go to Zion.” Today church banners often combine the Word of God with picturesque landscapes and creative designs to encourage and inspire.


Taken from the French word “banniere” and late Latin bandum, banners are defined as a cloth out of which a flag is made. This piece of cloth often bore a symbol or message for its bearers.


Although church banners are not a modern day invention, they can be much more than foyer or sanctuary decorations. With a variety of fabric options, including vinyl and fabric, today’s church can proclaim and promote the majesty of God with church banners created in nearly every size and color combination imaginable.




Why use church banners?


Church banners are visual reminders and statements of the victory Jesus Christ has already secured for us. Just as the church sanctuary is a revered place to worship, church banners reinforce the dramatic message of God’s salvation and deliverance.


As artists and photographers have captured God’s handiwork on canvases and images from across the world, Banners4Churches.com designs them with the timeless and infinite bread of life. Scripture from the Bible is searched and researched to create stunning and introspective church banners.


Through the millennium of time God’s message to His people has remained constant. Church banners not only promote church promotions, they also keep us focused on truth and Him.


Banners4Churches.com is honored to continue the rich and necessary history of church banners.