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Who is Banners4Churches.com?

Banners4Churches.com is a wholly owned subsidiary of Caldwell Marketing international located in Music City USA - Nashville! Since 1984 our business model has been based on Christian values. We are a private company and proudly declare our faith and belief in our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. It's through His salvation we are blessed and motivated. We are humbled that our designs are displayed in church and worship assemblies across North America in Canada, Mexico and the United States.


Why choose Banners4Churches.com?

Excellent question! We'd like to think it's because you'll find the absolute best quality for church banner products in the industry. We don't compromise quality in our products, banner stands, display systems, imagery, design or customer service. We know where our products are displayed, and that demands no less than our very best! Our products are not only beautiful and inspiring, but they will last. We've also been around since 1984. So when you need us, we'll be here!


How are you church banner materials different?

First and foremost, Banners4Churches uses only top grade materials for our banners. Whether you select matte or gloss finish for your vinyl banners, each is constructed from heavy duty 13 oz. nylon reinforced woven polyester that meets all FR (Flame Resistantance) standards. Many less expensive banner companies use a degraded vinyl product or even plastic. You may can find cheaper banners, but you will never find better.


I want a fabric church banner. What is a Multisol® Fabric banner? 

Quite simply, it's one of the most innovative cloth banner products in the industry! This 100% Knitted Polyester,  3.25 oz/yd2 (110 g/m2) fabric renders vibrant imagery and artwork every time. It's not the bulky, appliqué banners of the past. This is 21st Century printing at its best! Fully resistant to fading, they also meet all FR (Flame Resistance) standards.


I see a church banner I like, but I'd like to change the theme. Is that possible?

Yes. Every church banner at Banners4Churches can be individually customized for your church or organization. We can change the theme or copy to exactly what you need - all at no extra cost!


Some stores charge extra for design. Do you?

No! There are absolutely no restrictions, limitations or extra charges for any church banner design from our massive inventory. Want to change the image? No problem. Want to change the theme? No worries. Want to add your church logo or artwork? We can do that, too! Banners4Churches can customize any image, any theme, any artwork into exactly what you need! And there's never any additional fees. Try getting that service from our competitors!


Saw your banner images, but I was looking for something else. What are my options?

Contact customer service at Banners4Churches. Our Image Bank contains thousands of inspirational images from around the world. If you're looking for something very specific, chances are we have it! And the best part? We own our images. When you select one of our images for your banner, the cost is included with your church banner purchase! You pay nothing extra.


Love your church banners, but I already have my design. Can you print it?

Yes. Custom church banners are a staple of our business. Some churches and organizations already have a design staff. All they need is a place to have their work printed. We do that everyday! All you have to do is place your order and send us your artwork.  We'll make certain it fits within our templates and get your custom church banner delivered on-time.


My custom church banner file is huge! How can I send it?

No worries. We can accept files up to 2gb in size. Click here on or Send Files link. We'll get your large file-promise.


Will I get a proof before my church banner is printed?

Yes. After your order, customer service will send a design proof for your church banner to the email address supplied. Prior to actual printing, it will be necessary for you to approve the design. It's an extra measure of security that ensures you're getting exactly what you expect. No church banner is printed without customer approval - ever! It's our company policy.


How is my church banner shipped?

Banners4chuches uses both UPS and FedEX for shipping. Depending on your banner or display system purchase, it will be sent ground shipping with one of our vendors. Remember, please include a physical address for your shipping destination. We cannot ship to PO Boxes.


What's the typical turn-around time for a church banner purchase?

Good question! The entire process begins with your order. After that, you will receive a design proof for your order. As soon as you approve the actual design, we'll start printing! If you select standard shipping, you could have your church banner is as few as five working days. If you need it sooner, we can also make that happen, too!


I need my church banner, like now! Can you do it?

Yes! Select expedited shipping for your order from our shopping cart. Rush orders are no problem for us. However, the associated costs for expedited shipping are slightly higher. If you place your order and then discover you need it sooner, call customer service. We can help you with the details.


What's a grommet?

A grommet is an eyelet placed in your banner to protect or insulate a rope or cable passed through it for hanging or display. It prevents the church banner from being inadvertently torn or damaged. Most of the time, we use grommets for matte or gloss vinyl church banners. By special request from customers, we can use them for fabric banners. However, we strongly discourage their use on fabric banners and cannot warranty any damage resultant from their use in displaying fabric banners. Grommets are primarily used for matte or gloss vinyl church banners only.


Do I have hanging display options for my church banner?

Yes. For gloss or matte vinyl church banners, the normal options are grommets or pole pockets. For fabric church banners, the typical option is pole pockets. Just tell us what you need, and we can make it happen.


I need a tent display and wind sail banners for my church. Can you do that?

Absolutely. We have almost every display hardware option you can imagine. Visit www.banners4churches.printesto.com to see all the thousands of hardware and banner options. You wll be amazed!


I'm assembly challenged. Can you help me with church banner display assembly?

Yes. Visit our Download Center for a complete "how to" section for your purchase. From spec sheets and even assembly videos, we can help make your church banner and hardware display purchase incredibly simple and easy!


What are my payment options?

We accept all major credit cards and PayPal as forms of payment through our SSL shopping cart. We never retain or store your payment information. When you buy from Banners4Churches, your credit informatioin is safe and secure. See our Privacy Policy for complete details


Is there a warranty with my church banner purchase?

Yes. We guarantee that your order will be exactly what you ordered. That means it will be your approved design and constructed from the exact materials chosen in your order. For complete warranty details, visit Terms, Return and Warranty on our website.


Caldwell Marketing International was shown as the payee on my credit card statement. Who's that?

Caldwell Marketing International (CMI) is our parent company. Banners4Churches.com is a wholly owned subsidiary. All billing charges will be be shown on your credit card statement as Caldwell Marketing International.


Where is Banners4Churches.com located?

Our corporate and sales headquarters are located in Nashville, Tennessee USA. Depending on location and specific hardware, your church banner purchase will be shipped from one of our regional production plants.


Can I get a church banner or product hardware catalog?

Yes. We are a "GREEN" company and provide digital catalogs for both our church banners and complete line of display systems. Simply click on the 2015 Catalogs link on our website. You'll be able to view or print exactly what you need.


Are you an American company?

Yes. We positively bleed USA Red, White and Blue. We proudly offer products designed in America and printed by Americans.