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Fabric Wall Sticker

Transportable and will not harm existing walls!




Fabric Wall Stickers are the most innovative and versatile product available for churches today. For churches that utilize temporary space, it's the perfect alternative to permanent signage.

The Fabric Wall Sticker allows you to post your church banner message. Then move it where you need it - when you need it! Its unique backing allows for steadfast mounting on sheetrock, glass, wood or even masonry surfaces! 

 Requiring no adhesives, frames or special handling, simply pull the protective cover from the back of the image and apply. It mounts easily and leaves no tacky residue.

Design a baptistry backdrop of the River Jordan in the Holy Land. Or design a majestic mountain mural. The possibilities are endless! 

 Stronger and more flexible than traditional wallpaper murals, the mobility of Fabric Wall Stickers allows for movement from one area to another...to another...to another! 

There are some limitations, but not many. For projects over four feet in both height and width, tiling is also required. Contact a customer service representative to discuss design and mounting details for your next project.






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